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Mar 20 2014

Announcing StovePipe, a Campfire app for Windows 8.1

Bad At Math is proud to announce the release of StovePipe, a Campfire app for the Windows Store for use on Windows 8.1 devices

Jun 26 2013

Lida Brooke Designs, friend of Bad At Math

Lida Brooke, wife of Bad at Math founder Ed Giardina, has decided to quit her traditional paycheck-driven retail management job...

Aug 10 2012

Tinkering: A space-flyby-movie-maker powered by NASA

With Curiosity's landing recently, I've been really excited about NASA and space travel. Seeing all these 3D animations made me wonder...

CuriositySplicerSolar SystemSimulatorWPFC#ParallelismNASA JPL
Feb 28 2012

New Design!

Bad At Math's blog now looks different!

Dec 7 2011

New Blog for Bad At Math

So Bad At Math is busy this holiday season! But we're actually giving a gift to ourselves, and that gift is a new blog engine and blog design.